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The Nuclear Secret

The play catches a moment which nobody is allowed to witness: the meeting between the acting President of a country and his successor freshly elected. Comedy. Two male characters. Available in English and in French.

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You can read here a short story, translated into English by myself:

The Octopus


Don Juan et les autres

The book "Don Juan and the Others" is available as an E-book in Romanian and French at



Other plays

The Night - a Comedy in Blue

Everything turns blue in a small country led by a dictator, but nobody has the guts to say anything except a painter, Greg, who, when commissioned to make  the official portrait of the dictator's wife, turns it into a  picture of horror... Comedy. 3 female, 5 male characters. Available on demand in French.

Grand Hotel Europa

Members of the European Anaestetics Society hold a meeting in an hotel. They are waiting for their leader, a Nobel Prize winner, but a terrorist comes instead and takes them hostages. They manage to free themselves by putting him and his men to sleep. Then comes the Professor... Comedy. 3 female, 7 male characters.

Tales of Fairies and Lovers

A middle-aged, but youngish woman, disappointed that her fiancé didn't remember her birthday, will eventually refuse to marry him. Written for the radio. 3 female, 2 male characters.

The Traveller and Shakespeare

It happens in a theatre and everything is upside down. The play begins with the end, then comes the beginning, two of  the cast drop dead and  all people in the audience have to fill an I.Q. test. 

The Heiress

A woman substitutes her sister in order to have a nice and peaceful existence in Paris, but not everything goes as planned. Comedy-drama. One actress.






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